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Close-up Florence: Walking Tour of Historical Center

Looking for an easy and yet complete introduction to Florence? This walking tour is the perfect choice! Discover just why Florence is on everyone's travel wish list. Enjoy your rendezvous with this fascinating city, experience the colorful background and context of its place in history – and why it is the birthplace of the Renaissance.

20.00 €

Monday Afternoons in Florence

Mondays in Florence are a special time. Take advantage of the fact that major museums are closed on Monday to explore with us additional gems of the city not always seen. Experience an insider’s Florence. This itinerary will allow you to discover the town’s best known treasures such as the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, the squares, the monuments, the Old Bridge.

45.00 €

Medieval and Renaissance Florence Complete & Easy Walking Tour

We invite you to join us in a marvelous morning tour of Florence. Our itinerary follows the itinerary: Piazza San Lorenzo, Piazza Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio and Piazza Pitt. This is the most complete and exciting guided walking tour of the city, whose itinerary also leads to the discovery of many places described by Dan Brown in his "Inferno”. So, on the wake of this great bestseller, the local Guide will not fail to comment on these places also with hints of reference to the book.

28.00 €

The Ancient Shops of Florence

Discover Florence's historical shops! This walking tour will take you to some of the landmark boutiques of Florence. Florence was the capital of Italy during the mid-1800s, a period when the city saw the birth of elegant cafes, markets, fashion boutiques, and beauty stores - some of them still in business today!

80.00 €

The Oldest and Hidden Museums of Florence

Discover some true Florentine treasures: there are outstanding museums in the old town center that few tourist guides even mention. Many are interesting not only for the objects on display but also for the architecture, the furniture, and the guiding philosophy behind the museum.

96.00 €

The Noble Parks and Gardens of Florence

Behind many noble building or monastery, you can find a hidden garden, often closed to the public. This program explores the tradition of the Italian garden architecture in the middle of the ancient center of Florence.

96.00 €

Walk & Talk Florence: Guided Walking Tour

A walk in Florence is just what you need to be introduced to the city of Florence. This tour is born to be the smartest walking tour of the city center at the best price.

29.00 €

The Heart of Florence: Santa Maria Novella and the Historical Pharmacy

A charming visit to two of Florence’s most ancient and important landmarks, intimately bound to the city’s heart and soul, to its history and rich artistic heritage : the splendid Church of Santa Maria Novella and the ancient Dominican Pharmacy. Your specialized guide will lead you to dicover the magnificent Church, which boasts innumerabile architectural and artistic treasures; the visit will then proceed to the nearby “Officina Profumo Farmaceutica”, the ancient pharmacy founded by Dominican Friars in 1612 and still hosted within the ancient preciously decorated and furnished monumental headquarters in Via della Scala.

24.00 €

VIP Florence Night Walking Tour & Wine by Candle-Light on Terrace

Discover the most important sites of the cradle of the Renaissance - Florence - its history and legends, with this guided evening walking tour of the city. Glass of wine on a private terrace: included.  

45.00 €

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