Online Ticket Booking From Palazzo Vecchio to Uffizi through Vasari Corridor

For the first time, these two museums are available on one ticket - and you’ll pass from one to the other through the famed aerial corridor that connects the two buildings on Via della Ninna. It is the first section of the Vasari Corridor, realized by the architect Giorgio Vasari in 1565 on commission from Cosimo I de' Medici.

UffiziFor the first time, a single ticket to visit the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio and the gallery of statues and paintings of the Uffizi, passing through the first section of the Vasari Corridor.  


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Full Price Reduced Price: European Union citizens and non-EU Member States on the condition of reciprocity aged 18 to 25 (with valid ID) Free tickets: Children under 18 years old from any country Children under 12 (must be accompanied by an adult) Tourist guides and interpreters from the EU, with official documentation ICOM, ICOMOS, and ICCROM members Teachers and students of
Academies of Fine Arts or corresponding institutes of the European Union; Faculties of Architecture, preservation of cultural heritage, education sciences; degree courses in letters or literary subjects with archaeological or historical-artistic field of study of faculties of literature and philosophy or studies and corresponding courses established in the member states of the European Union Staff of the Italian public school system Persons with special needs and their companion Journalists   PLEASE NOTE: Service fees (pre-sale and online booking fees), as well as fees for temporary exhibitions happening during your visit, are due for ANY KIND OF TICKET as well as for free admission days. When picking up a reduced or free ticket, you will be asked for a document proving your right to the price reduction.
Entrance will be denied without it.  

For the first time, a single ticket to visit the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio and the gallery of statues and paintings of the Uffizi, passing through the picturesque aerial corridor that connects the two buildings on Via della Ninna, which is the first section of the Vasari Corridor, wanted by Cosimo I de' Medici and realized by the architect Giorgio Vasari in 1565 to allow the Florentine dukes to move without danger from the palace of government, Palazzo Vecchio, to their residence at Palazzo Pitti. This ticket is being launched for a first trial period from July 5, 2017 to January 14, 2018. The integrated ticket allows the visit of the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio (excluding the excavations of the Roman theatre, the Ronda walk and the tower) and the Uffizi Gallery (statues and paintings galleries included, as well as temporary exhibitions)   The time of your booking corresponds to that of the passage from the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio to the gallery of statues and paintings of the Uffizi, and it is binding and compulsory.
Your voucher will display the reserved time to access the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio, as well as the time to enter the passage.
At this time, you must go to the entrance of the passage located in the green room of the apartment of Eleonora, on the second floor of the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio.
Failure to comply with this timetable will result in the loss of the right of access to the Uffizi Gallery. You must collect your integrated ticket at cashier number 3 of the Uffizi Gallery, exhibiting the confirmation voucher you will receive from us once you have booked the service, from one hour to 15 minutes before the time reserved to access Palazzo Vecchio. Your visit begins at Palazzo Vecchio, with direct access to the first floor of the museum (Salone dei Cinquecento).
The Museum of Palazzo Vecchio opens at 9:00 am, and the visit takes about an hour.
The duration of the visit to Palazzo Vecchio is flexible; the only constraint is to present yourself at the entrance of the passage to the Uffizi at the time booked. Before you start your visit, the integrated ticket holders must deposit backpacks, suitcases and umbrellas at the cloakroom on the ground floor of the Palazzo Vecchio Museum.
After the visit to the Uffizi Gallery, visitors must return to collect the items deposited at Palazzo Vecchio, no later than the closing time of the wardrobe: - Mondays to Fridays ** July 5 - September 30
11:00 pm ** October 1 to January 14
7:00 pm - Thursdays at 4:00 pm The Uffizi Gallery closes at 6:50 pm (on Tuesdays until September 26, 2017, the closing time is 10:00 pm).   Reservations must be made at least 1 day in advance. Maximum 25 persons per group.   IMPORTANT NOTE
The time you select on the order form is your preferred time.
The museum will automatically confirm the closest available time, which can be anytime during opening hours on the selected date, if your preferred time is no longer available.   Cancellation Policy: Once a confirmation code has been assigned to your reservation, we can refund the cost of unused tickets, also for no-shows, minus a service fee (reservation fee and online booking fee).   Rules of Conduct: >> The following actions are forbidden: Touching the artwork Leaning on the bases of the sculptures or the walls Smoking Throwing chewing gum on the floor Consuming food and beverages Sitting on the floor and on the protection barriers Speaking loudly Behaving in any way that does not respect the dignity of the place Bringing backpacks and umbrellas - on rainy days it is advisable to carry only small umbrellas Using your mobile phone Using the telescopic extender to take photographs (selfie stick) Using laser pointers > Taking photographs and movies is permitted provided they are made without flash, lights and tripods, for exclusively personal use without profit. The use of the elevator at the entrance of the museum is reserved for people who have special needs – even temporary – and the maximum capacity is 6 people at a time.  

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